About us

Moons and skylines was established in 2016 by founder and CEO Shiwani Sharma! Known online by her fan base as Shiv! 

Hi! That’s me! 
Moons and skylines originally started out making custom designed light jars and wedding favours before I moved on into making slime! After creating my own recipes for slime my business took off with success as I was one of the first popular UK slime accounts who was actively selling! 
Over the years my slimes and recipes have always improved! I aimed to always deliver the best quality products and affordable prices! My partner Ryan and I have traveled over seas to the United States to also sell my procure at events such a slime bash and slime rodeo! As well as attending so many UK events! Slime had been such a huge part of my success and life that I will always love it 


As the years go on I look forward to expanding and growing my business info a platform of relaxation! Providing items that aid in your relaxation! Slimes, was melts, cute gifts and more! I want to be the go to place to shop for these needs

I want to thank all my followers and fans for the support over the years of me having moons and skylines! If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today! Being able to share my creativity and products to the world is an absolutely dream and I am so happy and so proud of our progress!