Wax melt FAQ

All wax melts are 100% hand made from our pet and smoke home! Located in Birmingham, England! 

What are you wax melts made from?

Moons and skylines / Moons malted melts wax melts are made from soy, eco soy and on occasion paraffin wax. The type of wax used in your melt will be stated in the description box of your item so please always check that before purchasing! 

Are you CLP compliant?

Yes! We promise to always keep our products safe and follow any guild lines in place to insure everyone’s safety!

How long will my items take to get to me?

Once your order is placed we aim to have them packed and sent out within 2-3 working days. Once your item has been sent off with the Royal Mail items can take up for 3-5 working days to get to you. International items are sent out tracked and signed for and can take up to 7-21 working days to arrive to you depending on your location.

What is in your wax melts? 

Our wax melts consist of either soy, eco soy or paraffin wax. We also use candle fragrance oils and items for decoration such a cosmetic/ biodegradable glitters polymer clay sprinkles and mica pigments. If you have any allergies or sensitive skin that can react to any of these products please do not purchase any wax melts. The ingredients used in our wax melts come from highly reliable and trusted candle supply companies. 

I don’t feel safe melting glitters and added decorations what can I do?

If at any point you do no feel comfortable melting items such as glitters or clay sprinkles please feel free to safely remove them from your wax melts. This can be done by scraping the top layer of your wax melts gently with a butter knife or object you feel comfortable using to extract the items. Alternatively you can purchase your item and request we do not add any glitters or sprinkles into them via our social media.

Can you make custom, wholesale, wedding favour wax melts?

Yes! We are more then happy to help out with any requests for you as long as they are within our means! Please feel free to contact us via our social media or the emails linked on our site! 

Im not happy with my wax melt and I want a refund

We are extremely sorry you were unhappy with a purchase! Unfortunately we cannot accept any returns on used, damaged or opened items for hygiene and quality purposes. If you contact us via our social media @moonsandskylines or @moonsmaltedmelts we are more then happy to talk with you to get the issue resolved