Frosted teddy bear melts

Frosted teddy bear melts

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Inspired by frosted animal crackers! Eco soy wax melts scented like butter cream frosting 

x8 bears average 80g

Snap bars average 50g

All wax melts are hand made in Birmingham, England 

Please note! These are hand made items! Cracks, bumps, chips and more may be visible on items. This does not effect the quality of the product as it is made of wax!

How to use wax our wax melt 

Please remove all packaging before burning your wax melts. Break off a piece or place singular wax melt into your oil burners! Leave for a few minutes insure the wax has fully melted and enjoy the scents! 


CLP compliment

wax, scented fragrance oils, and added extras for decoration such as glitters, polymer clay sprinkles and pigments. Please do not use these products if you are allergic or irritated by these items.

If you so not feel comfortable melting/burning any decorative items such as polymer clay sprinkles please feel free to remove them safely from the wax melts.

Keep all wax melts away from children and pets.

Safe to use in electric and tea light lit burners.

DO NOT leave any candles or open flames unattended.

Keep away from flammable house hold materials such as curtains,carpets, clothes and do not move any wax burners while they are hot.

Do not touch any wax in the burning process.

Do not consume any wax melts.

Keep all small parts away from children.

Moons and skylines/ Moons malted melts can not be held responsible for any wax spills/ damages caused. Our instructions and CLP guidelines are in place for everyone and their safety. All fragrance oils and wax used in our wax melts are provided trusted candle companies.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on our social media

Instagram: @moonsandskylines @moonsmelts